Schedule deliveries or in-store pick up for your food service operation.

Role: UX Researcher, UX and UI Designer | Gordon Food Service

Online Ordering, eCommerce Ordering Application
2017 - Present

What is Online Ordering?

Online Ordering is an eCommerce application developed by Gordon Food Service. It allows food service operators to place in-store pick up and truck delivery orders for their business. Items for truck delivery are shipped from distribution centers. Online Ordering, is accessible on desktop, tablet and mobile and is supported by most modern browsers.

Over the past three years, I have served as a full lifecycle product designer for the application. During this time I have supported new features, application improvements, and business initiatives such as:

  • Brand Recommendations
  • Drop Ship ordering (allowing customers to order non-traditional food service products)
  • Accessibility and general UI updates
  • User Onboarding just to name a few...
The Goal: Create a streamlined way for customers to prepare an order guide, search and/or select food and kitchen products, and eventually place an order for their restaurant, or school(s), or hospital, etc.

Researching, Testing, and Designing for eCommerce

To better understand our customers and their everyday needs, I’ve performed research (both customer and market) at various points and using various methods. Some types have included: phone interviews, in-person interviews during trade shows hosted by GFS across the US, and even visiting food service operators to conduct observations in their environment.

Test. Learn. Rinse. Repeat. When possible, I always try to test out user flows, screen concepts, prototypes with users for validation (or invalidation) and general usability. Some methods used are: in-person moderated user testing with InVision prototypes, paper prototyping, unmoderated user testing using Validately and Optimal Workshop.

Designing for eCommerce and our B2B customer base has been a very different and enlightening journey. In the B2C world, you might argue that we have time on our side. Customers that are shopping, ordering in B2C have less at stake potentially. In the B2B world though, the thoughtfulness of our design and quality of the code written is the difference between an independent food service operator generating profits for the day or losing money if our ordering system becomes an obstacle for them.

Key Takeaways Learned Over Time:

  • Customers prefer simplicity, and quickly delivered information.
  • Their available time is limited. Food service operators are bombarded with calls, orders, customers, taking inventory, receiving deliveries, and so on.
  • Our system is superior and more enjoyable compared to Sysco, an industry competitor.
  • Customers would prefer better search capabilities in the application.
  • Better product photos would be highly welcomed.
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