Dana Thomas

Strategist and Researcher, based in Chicago, USA.

Featured Case Studies

Project Case Study
Site Redesign: GFS.com
UX Research | Product Strategy | Product Design | Content Strategy
Project Case Study
eCommerce for Gordon Food Service Stores
UX Research | Product Strategy | Product Design
Project Case Study
StreetSmart Pricing
UX Research | Product Design | Enterprise Tech
Project Case Study
Customer Facing and Internal Research
UX Research

About Me

Currently I work as a Senior Product Strategist for Levvel, an Endava Company, a technology consultancy. My work has ranged from eCommerce consumer-facing B2B and B2C products, to enterprise application design, to financial authentication technology, all while supporting the development of business and product strategy from a human-focused and digital service perspective.

I thoroughly enjoy this field of work because of the human impact. But also, the opportunity to support business growth and evolution as well!

I’m a pretty entrepreneurial spirit, and in my free time you can find me tinkering with various ideas, reading, sewing, catching up on a Netflix show or celebrating my favorite holiday — Lunch. Time.

Let's chat! Find me here at d.thomas014@gmail[dot]com or LinkedIn.

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